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  • <b>SAAS Hosting</b> <br/> <small>Our hosting systems are powerful, reliable, affordable</small>

    SAAS Hosting
    Our hosting systems are powerful, reliable, affordable

    How it works
  • <b>Stream Rich Media</b> <br/> <small>  Blazing-fast delivery <br/> via Hosting Files</small>

    Stream Rich Media
    Blazing-fast delivery
    via Hosting Files

    How it works
  • <b>Secure Hosting</b><br/><small> Unleash the Power of Freedom</small>

    Secure Hosting
    Unleash the Power of Freedom

    How it works


The Supreme Hosting

Top notch technology and latest in within the innovation, is what we offer here at FSX.


How We Are Different

Blazing fast speeds, reliable systems and most of all affordable service is what we do.


Hosting Management

You have things to do, let us help manage your servers. You keep going and we’ll keep them running.


Here at FSX we value your business and are proud of the quality our service presents. We provide state of the art technology and innovation as well as flexibility, powerful systems within the Hosting Computing Solutions. Security is our number one priority. Thousands of companies around the world entrust their business to our reliable technology services. Now you can stop spending your capital on hardware, management, maintenance and repairs. Hosting systems offer security, crash protection, flexibility and save you time and money in maintenance and direct labor costs. Prepare to feel the difference.

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Don’t Waste Money on Hardware!

Advance to hosting now and free yourself from the shackles of your server room, midnight calls, maintenance and repairs that you just can’t deal with anymore.

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Here is what we can do for you:

check File loss and disaster protection
check Flexible: Pay for what you use

check Save in direct labor costs
check Improve your bottom line

check 24/7 Around the clock monitoring
check Significant efficiency improvements
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      Server Redundancy & Availability
      FSX Infrastructure is a 100% fully redundant, highly available network with no single point of failure. Redundant architecture on every level protects you from data loss in the rare event of a hardware failure with 99.999% uptime guarantee.


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    Manage Your Hosting
    Our Managed Hosting program provides affordable proactive IT management and support to growing businesses. We help you save time and money and offer Reliability, Security, Consistency, Productivity, Managed Expansion and Growth.
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      Back Up & Secure Data
      FSX offeres multiple levels of security for your hosting infrastructure. From SSL inscription and anti-virus/anti-malware to data leakage protection, and file integrity monitoring, we have you covered. We are HIPAA and PCI compliant.


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    Flexible Plans
    Pay for what you use! FSX offers flexible packages and plans. Don’t settle for less, get hosting just the way you like it. We offer powerful systems and reliable services for fraction of the competitors cost. No contract or hardware installation required.


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      Premium Support
      Have any questions or comments? Give us a call 24x7x365 our certified engineers and compliance analysts are ready to help. Take advantage of out fully Managed hosting solutions. Our specialists will configure and monitor your hosting environment, for a hassle free experience.


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    Large Scale Data Centers
    Redundant, highly available network with no single point of failure. Two management nodes, eight host nodes (Dual Intel® Xeon® Processor x5645 w/ Hyper-Threading and 256GB of DDR3 RAM) with stackable switching. 6 x 1Gbps NICs on all host servers with multi-path I/O creating three different networks.